Section IV - Zahle

The Faculty of Science at the Lebanese University in the Bekaa, is located at Haouch El-Omara, Zahleh.

For over three decades, our Faculty has played a major role in the intellectual ferment of the region and nationally.

Since 2013, the Faculty has held an additional site in Ksara, which allowed us to complete degrees in Mathematics, Physical, Life and Earth, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Applied Mathematics.

With over 60 research Professors, the Faculty of Science IV has resumed to create a scientific center of excellence.

Currently, around 1000 students (Anglophones and Francophones) materialize scientific thought in the country.

Section 4 Director

Ibrahim Khalil Bou-Malham

Full professor
Chemistry - Biochemistry department - Section IV - Zahle
Speciality: Chemistry
Specific Speciality: Chimie Physique et Analytique

Section 4 Secretary in Chief

Bernadette Nicolas Samaha

Administration department - Section IV - Zahle

Section 4 Teachers' Representative

Osman Moustafa Khodr

Assistant professor
Mathematics department - Section IV - Zahle
Speciality: Mathematics
Specific Speciality: maths financières

Branch Council

Bernadette Nicolas Samaha

Secretary in chief

Fadaa Fadaa Nicolas

Physics - Electronics chief of department

Ibrahim Khalil Bou-Malham


Jihad Rostom Noun

Life & Earth Sciences chief of department

Joseph Omran

Language chief of department

Mirella Khalil Azar

Chemistry - Biochemistry chief of department

Mouhamad Mahmoud Jradeh

Mathematics chief of department

Osman Moustafa Khodr

Teachers' representative

Youssef Ali Atat

Computer Science - Statistics chief of department

Academic Departments

Administrative Departments