Fadi Mazhar Masri

Associate professor
Chemistry - Biochemistry department - Section III - Tripoli
Speciality: Chemistry
Specific Speciality: Chimie Théorique Physique Analytique
Interests: Chess, natation, reading
Skills: Spectroscopic methods: N.M.R. (Bruker and Varian – one and two-dimensional methods for 3D-structure elucidations); I.R. and U.V. (Perkin-Elmer). Chromatographic methods: H.P.L.C., G.C.

Teaching 9 Taught Courses
Conferences 1 participation

Poster session
2006-10-26 to 2006-10-26

Publications 4 publications
F. Riché; F. Masri and M. Lopez Diastereoselective synthesis of polyfunctionalized piperidines as precursors of dopamine transporter imaging agents Tetrahedron.Letters 48 (2007) 1609-1612. 2007

The design and synthesis of a new kind of precursors of radiolabelled tracer agents for dopamine transporters imaging is described. The concept is based on the possibility of introducing the radioelement far from the sites of recognition and on the fact that only the labelled marker could cross the blood brain barrier to reach the dopamine transporters. For this purpose, a polyfunctionalized piperidine was synthesized bearing two aldehyde functions in the configuration allowing the formation of a tropane analog after the introduction of complexing moieties and complexation of a radioactive metal.

F. Masri; F. Riché; C. Philouze; A. Durif; Y. Vallée Synthesis of stereoisomers of 6- and 7-benzylsulfanyl-3-(p-tolyl)-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]- octane-2-carboxylic acid methyl ester J.Sulfur Chem. 2004

To develop new 99mTc-labelled agents to evaluate dopamine transporters (DAT) involved in Parkinson's disease, by in vivo SPECT imaging, we have synthesized six new sulfur-containing ligands with the tropane skeleton. We have introduced the complexing sulfur atom far from the three sites of recognition by DAT of these tropane derivatives. The 6β-substituted tropinone has been obtained by a double Mannich condensation followed by the introduction of the moieties for molecular interactions at the binding site on C2 and C3, leading to the six stereoisomers.

F. Turpin; F. Masri; F. Riché; E. Berthommier; P. Emond; M. Vidal; P. Auzeloux; C. Loc’h; N. .Neuquelman; L. Mauclaire Synthesis of two novel oxocyclam-binding technetium complexes containing an analogue of cocaine J. Label. Compd. Radiopharm 2002

In order to visualize and quantify dopamine transporters, the synthesis of two novel ligands labelled with technetium-99 m (99mTc) has been investigated. A multi-step synthesis afforded two target ligands with a tropane skeleton and a macrocyclic complexing moiety. The choice and the position of substituents are in adequation with dopamine transporter structure. The radiolabelling of these ligands with 99mTc has been studied and the results make them good candidates for SPECT imaging

F. Masri; F. Turpin; F. Riché; L. Mauclaire; A. du Moulinet d’Hardemare Product and by- product of tropane, for complexion with a metal or with a complex of this metal and radiopharmaceutical Brevet 2002


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