Nouha Akram Ghanem

Full professor
Chemistry - Biochemistry department - Section III - Tripoli
Speciality: Chemistry
Specific Speciality: Chimie Oraganique, Minérale et Industrielle

2005 - 2015 : Full Professor

Lebanese University
Tripoli- Kobbe

2010 - 2014 : Lecturer

Lebanese International University
Dahr Al Ain

2005 - 2014 : Lecturer

University of Balamand

2005 - 2008 : Lecturer

Universite Saint Joseph

Teaching 6 Taught Courses
(2014-2015) Chim 418 - Bioorganic Chemistry

M1 Molecular Chemistry

(2014-2015) Chim 423 - Organic Chemistry applied to the environment

M1 Environmental Science

(2014-2015) Bioc 204 - Biomolecules: Industrial Applications

BS Biochemistry

(2014-2015) Chim 217 - Pharmaceutical Chemistry

BS Chemistry

(2014-2015) Bioc 340 - Enzymology Lab

BS Biochemistry

(2014-2015) Bioc 381 - Metabolic Biochemistry Lab

BS Earth and life sciences

2004 - 2005: Postdoc

Universite de Virginie

2001 - 2004: Doctorat

Universite de Montpellier
Chimie organique medicinale

2000 - 2001: DEA

Universite de Montpellier

1999 - 2000: Maitrise

Universite Libanaise

1995 - 1999: Maitrise

Universite Libanaise

Publications 13 publications
Hassan Ghanem, Dan Zollinger ; Robert Lytton ; Noha Ghanem Determining aggregate reactivity in 2014

Youssef Bakkour, Noha Ghanem, Bassem El Hamaoui, Nassim El-Achi, Saer Alwan, Fatima Houmaisi, John Hanna EL-NAKAT, Fawaz El-Omara Identification of nonvolatile phenolic acids and flavonoids with antioxidant activity in Micromeria barbata extract by RF-HPLC 2014

Ahmad Allouch, Inas EL Hassan,Hanna El-Nakat, Noha Ghanem and Fawaz El Omar Determination of the stoichiometry and the association constant of a 2013

Hassan Ghanem , Dan Zollinger , Robert Lytton , Noha Ghanem Determining ASR characteristics using dilatometer method 2012

Hassan Ghanem a,⇑, Dan Zollinger , Robert Lytton , Noha Ghanem Development of a reaction signature for combined concrete materials factors 2012

John (Hanna) El-Nakat, Noha Ghanem, Keith Fisher and Gary Willet GAS PHASE REACTIONS OF S-BUTANETHIOL 2011

Rima Kassab , Noha Ghanem, Paolo Yammine , Hatem Fessi , Hélene Parrot-Lopez Formulation of Modified Microspheres Based on 2008

David J. Maloney, Noha Ghanem, Jia Zhou and Sidney M. Hecht Positional assignment of differentially substituted bisaminoacylated pdCpAs 2007

John (Hanna) El-Nakat, Noha Ghanem, Keith Fisher, Gary Willet Reactivity and Reaction Pathway Study using Mass Spectrometry 2007

JOHN HANNA EL-NAKAT, NOHA GHANEM,PAOLO YAMMINE, Determination of Bond Dissociation 2007

Noha Ghanem, Jean Martinez, and Didier Stien Quaternary Ammonium-Supported Scavenger Reagents for Acids and 2004

Houcine Rahali, Noha Ghanem, Laurent Griffe, Rachid Rahali and Didier Stien A general approach to the quantification of resin-bound functional 2004

Noha Ghanem, Jean Martinez and Didier Stien A new high-loading water-soluble scavenger for anhydrides, 2002


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