Roméo Boulos Al Bersaoui

Assistant professor
Life & Earth Sciences department - Section III - Tripoli
Speciality: Neurobiology, Pharmaceutical Science, Biochemistry
Specific Speciality: Neurobiologie moléculaire et cellulaire

2008 - present : Enseignant à temps complet

Université Libanaise

2006 - 2008 : Enseignant à temps partiel

Université Libanaise

2007 - 2008 : Enseignant à temps partiel

NDU, campus Nord-Liban (NLC)

2001 - 2005 : Doctorant

Inserm U 575 (Physiopathologie du système nerveux)
Starbourg, France

2001 - 2001 : Stagiaire

CNRS UMR 7518 (Neurobiologie des rythmes)
Strasbourg, France

2000 - 2001 : DEA

Inserm U 575 (Physiopathologie du système nerveux)
Starbourg, France

Teaching 8 Taught Courses
(2014-2015) Biol 100 - Cellular Biology and General Histology (animal and plant)

BS Earth and life sciences

(2014-2015) Biol 240 - Cell Biology Lab (Histology, Embryology, Reproduction, and genetics)

BS Earth and life sciences

(2014-2015) Biol 208 - Cell physiology

BS Earth and life sciences

(2014-2015) Biol 242 - Organs Histology Lab

BS Earth and life sciences

(2014-2015) Biol 282 - Cell Physiology

BS Biochemistry

(2014-2015) Biol 341 - Molecular Genetics Lab

BS Earth and life sciences

(2014-2015) Biol 381 - Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Lab

BS Biochemistry

(2014-2015) Biol 322 - Developmental Biology

BS Earth and life sciences

2001 - 2005: Doctorat

Université Louis Pasteur-Strasbourg-France (UDS actuellement)
Neurobiologie moléculaire et cellulaire


2000 - 2001: Master II

Université Louis Pasteur-Strasbourg-France (UDS actuellement)

Master II

1997 - 2000: DEUG, Licence, Master

Université Libanaise Section III
Physiologie Animale

DEUG, Licence, Master

1982 - 1997: Baccalauréat

Dar En Nour
Sciences experimentales


Publications 1 publication
Roméo Al Bersaoui, Isabelle Robert, Yves Lutz, Frédéric Blanc, Ghislaine Sommermeyer-Leroux, Hirotomo Shibaguchi, Dominique Aunis, Jean-Paul Fuchs Purkinje-cell degeneration in prion protein-deficient mice is associated with a cerebellum-specific Doppel protein species signature FEBS Letters 2005

PrPc (cellular prion protein) and Doppel are antagonizing proteins, respectively neuroprotective and neurotoxic. Evidence for Doppel neurotoxicity came from PrPc-deficient (Prnp0/0) mouse lines developing late onset Purkinje-cell degeneration caused by Doppel overexpression in brain. To address the molecular underpinnings of this cell-type specificity, we generated Doppel N-terminal-specific antibodies and started to examine the spatio-temporal expression of Doppel protein species in Ngsk Prnp0/0 brain. Although Doppel overexpression is ubiquitous, Western analyses of normal and deglycosylated protein extracts revealed cerebellar patterns distinct from the rest of the brain, supporting the idea that neurotoxicity might be linked to a particular Doppel species pattern. Furthermore, our newly raised antibodies allowed the first Doppel immunohistochemical analyses in brain, showing a distribution in Prnp0/0 cerebellum similar to PrPc in wild type.


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