Jean Mikhael Stephan

Associate professor
Life & Earth Sciences department - Section II - Fanar
Speciality: Biology
Specific Speciality: Physiologie des plantes

Teaching 9 Taught Courses
(2014-2015) BioD 400 - Concepts in Biodiversity

M1 Biodiversity

(2014-2015) BioD 401 - Concepts in Biodiversity Lab

M1 Biodiversity

(2014-2015) GCRN 500 - Sustainable Development and Conservation of the Biodiversity

M2 Biodiversity : Management and Conservation of Natural resources

(2014-2015) GCRN 503 - Management of territory: Ecology planning and Impact study

M2 Biodiversity : Management and Conservation of Natural resources

(2014-2015) BioV 412 - Bioclimatology and phytoecology

M1 Biodiversity

(2014-2015) BioV 413 - Bioclimatology and phytoecology Lab

M1 Biodiversity

(2014-2015) BioV 418 - Forest Ecology

M1 Biodiversity

(2014-2015) BioV 419 - Forest Ecology Lab

M1 Biodiversity

(2014-2015) GCRN 580 - Training

M2 Biodiversity : Management and Conservation of Natural resources

Publications 9 publications
Touchan R., Shishov V., Tychkov I., Meko D., Sivrikaya F., Attieh J., Ketmen M., Stephan J., Mitsopoulos I., and Christou A. Elevation-Layered Dendroclimatic Signal in Eastern Mediterranean Tree Environmental Research Letters 2016

Stephan J., Chayban L. Vessella F. Abiotic factors affecting oaks distribution in Lebanon Turkish Journal of Botany, 40. 2016

Al Qaddi N., Vessella F., Stephan J., Al Eissawi D., and Schirone B. An ecological niche modelling approach to assess present and future suitability areas of Quercus coccifera L. in the Levant under climate change scenarios Regional Environmental Change 2016

S. Trærup, J. Stephan Technologies for adaptation to climate change: examples from the agricultural and water sectors in Lebanon Climatic Change 1-15. 2014

R. Touchan, K. Anchukaitis, V. Shishov, F. Sivrikaya, J. Attieh, M. Ketmen, J. Stephan, I. Mitsopoulos, A. Christou, D. Meko Spatial patterns of eastern Mediterranean climate influence on tree growth The Holocene 24: 381-392. 2014

J. Stephan, H. Sinoquet, N. Donès, N. Haddad, S. Talhouk and P.E. Lauri Light interception and partitioning between shoots in apple cultivars influenced by training over 2 years. Tree Physiology 28: 331-342. 2008

J. Stephan, P.E. Lauri, N. Dones, N. Haddad, S. Talhouk, H.Sinoquet Architecture of the pruned tree – Impact of contrasted pruning procedures over two years on shoot demography and spatial distribution of leaf area in apple (Malus domestica Borkh.). Annals of Botany 2007

J. Stephan, H. Sinoquet, N. Donès, N. Haddad, S. Talhouk and P.E. Lauri Simple equations to estimate light interception by isolated trees from canopy structure features: assessment with 3D digitised apple trees. New Phytologist 175: 94-106. 2007

Stephan Jean Architecture 3D et climat lumineux de l'arbre Universite Blaise Pascal 2007

3D architecture and tree light: the effect of 2 methods of pruning on light interception of 3 fruiting types of apple cultivars... http://www2.clermont.inra.fr/piaf/


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