Bachar Abdel Jalil Koubaissy

Full professor
Chemistry - Biochemistry department - Section V - Nabatiyeh
Speciality: Chemistry
Specific Speciality: catalyse et environnement

Teaching 9 Taught Courses
(2014-2015) CPMC 523 - Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis

M2 Physical Chemistry, Materials and Catalysis

(2014-2015) Chim 227 - Chemical Kinetics and Heterogeneous catalysis

BS Chemistry

(2014-2015) Chim 227 - Chemical Kinetics and Heterogeneous catalysis

BS Chemistry

(2014-2015) Chim 223 - Thermodynamics of solutions and phase diagrams

BS Chemistry

(2014-2015) Chim 229 - Analytical Chemistry I

BS Chemistry

(2014-2015) Chim 243 - Thermodynamics Lab

BS Chemistry

(2014-2015) Chim 244 - Chemical Kinetics Lab

BS Chemistry

(2014-2015) Chim 341 - Atomistics Lab

BS Chemistry

(2014-2015) Chim 341 - Atomistics Lab

BS Chemistry

Publications 16 publications
Physiochemical and Microbial Assessment of Water Quality in the Upper Litani River Basin, Lebanon 2014

Assessing Contamination Level of Heavy Metals in the Lake of Qaraaoun. Lebanon physics procedia 2014

Study of the Correlation of the Physicochemical Characteristics of the Litani Lower River Basin Physics Procedia 2014

Valorization of agricultural waste into activated carbons and its adsorption characteristics for heavy metals 2014

Bio oil synthesis by coupling biological biomass pretreatment and catalytic hydroliquefaction process. 2014

Metal concentrations in river water and bed sediments of the Lower Litani River Bassin, Lebanon. Journal of Advances in Chemistry 2014

Study of the photo-oxidation and photolysis of unsaturated and cross-linked polyesters in the presence of inorganic photo-active pigment as Titanium Oxides 2014

Functionalization of SBA-15 Materials for the Adsorption of Phenol, p-Chlorophenol and Salicylic Acid from Aqueous Solution. Central European Journal of Engineering 2013

Evaluation of the Physicochemical Characteristics of Water in the Lower Litani Basin, Lebanon. Elixir Aquaculture 2013

A kinetic and equilibrium study of batch adsorption of phenol drifts on zeolites. Central European Journal of Engineering 2012

Adsorptive Removal of Aromatic Compounds Present in Wastewater by Using Dealuminated Faujasite Zeolite Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2011

The influence of the support modification over Ni-based catalysts for dry reforming of methane reaction. Catalysis today 2011

Elimination of aromatic pollutants present in wastewater by adsorption over zeolites physics procedia 2011

Industrial water treatment, by adsorption, using organized mesoporous materials. physics procedia 2011

CO2 reforming of methane over mixed catalyst Ce-Zr-Ni-Me. Catalysis Today 2010

Adsorption and competitive adsorption on zeolite of nitrophenols compounds present in waste water. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2008


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