Professional Master in Refining and hydrocarbon technology


Acquire a solid background in hydrocarbon technology not only in theory but mainly in practice. - Developing skills in the field of oil refining, production of petrochemical intermediates and biofuels. - Optimize and validate methods for hydrocarbons analysis. - Design and optimization of petrochemical processes. - Drive and control of industrial processes. - Acquire the needed skills for research and development.

Admission Conditions

Recruitment: Applications are reviewed by an admission committee. The best candidates are selected after interview

Required Level: - M1 in chemistry. - Equivalent recognized degree.

Capacity: The number of Master students is 12

Further Studies / Career Opportunities

- Laboratories analysis and research. - Oil Refineries. - Petrochemical industries and processing units of natural gas. - Ministries of Water and Energy, Industry and Environment.

Selected Teachers in Refining and hydrocarbon technology

Yahya Mouhamad Salma

Associate professor
Chemistry - Biochemistry department

Fadi Mazhar Masri

Associate professor
Chemistry - Biochemistry department

Refining and hydrocarbon technology M2 Courses

    Semester 1

      Semester 2


      • M1 Analytical Chemistry
      • M1 Molecular Chemistry
      • M1 Chemistry-Physics of materials

      General Infos

      • Diploma Level: BAC+5
      • Studies Duration: 1 year
      • Type: Professional
      • Teaching Language: French
      • Total Credits Number: 60
      • Location: Faculty of Sciences - 3rd section - Tripoli
      • Supervisor: Mohamed Fadel Abd Elhaï Tabcheh
      • Email: mtabcheh(at)ul.edu.lb

      Selected Projects

      • Analyses quantitatives et qualitatives des additives dans les lubrifiants par chromatographie en phase gazeuse couplée à la spectrométrie de masse (GC-MS). (2013-2014)
      • Gasoil : production, analyse, spécifications et normes (2013-2014)
      • New Homegeneous And Heterogeneous Catalysts Group IV For The Hydroanimation (2013-2014)
      • Dosage par HPLC des hydrocarbures aromatiques polycycliques (HAP) pétroliers dans l'eau (2013-2014)
      • Recovery, treatment , analysis and control of used lubricating oils in Lebanon. (2014-2015)
      • Experimental study of simple ionization of hydrocarbon molecules by electron impact. (2014-2015)
      • Analysis of petroleum products by NMR and GC/MS. (2014-2015)

      Selected Courses