Professional Master in Applied Microbiology


The objectives are:
  • Sanitary safety
  • Control of microbial development
  • Microbial ecology
  • Production of new agro alimentary products 
  • Environmental defense via waste management and depollution of water, soil and air… 

Acquired Skills

Students are able to master the following concepts and technologies:
  • Microbiology engineering in the broad sense, Agro alimentary, biomedical and environmental microbiology and control of microbes in terms of growth, survival, inhibition or destruction (fermentation, pasteurization…).
  • Applications include microbial floras involved in technology, alteration or pathology.
  • Sanitary security and risk control (biomedical and agro alimentary) 

Admission Conditions

Recruitment: Applications are reviewed by an admission committee. The best candidates are selected after interview

Required Level: Candidates must have validated their M1 in Biology, Biochemistry or equivalent with a minimum general average of 12/20


  • 1 Microbiology course
  • 1 Molecular biology and genetics course
  • 1 Immunology course
  • 3 other courses from the following list:
    • Biol 325-345 General Microbiology (all sections)
    • Bio A 464-465 Advanced Microbiology (Sections I and III)
    • Bioc 429-435 Applied Microbiology (Section II)
    • Bio A 420 Alimentary Microbiology (Section I)
    • Bioc 415-416 Microbial Biochemistry (Section II)
    • Biol 327-347 Molecular Biology 1 (all sections)
    • Biol 321-341 Molecular Genetic (all sections)
    • Bio A 436-437 Host-microorganism Interactions (Section II)
    • Biol 329-349 Immunology (all sections)
    • Bioc 403 Applied Immunology (Sections I and II)
    • Biol 328-348 General Biotechnology (Sections II and III)
    • Bio A 410-411 Virology (all sections)
    • Bio A 404-405 Toxicology (all sections)
    • Bio D 408 Eco toxicology (Section I)
    • Bio V 400-401 Mycology (Section I)
    • Bio A 408-409 Parasitology (Sections I and II)
    • Bio V 406-407 Phytopathology (Section I and II) 

Capacity: 12 to 15 students per year

Further Studies / Career Opportunities

This multidisciplinary master which combines Microbiology and Engineering provide students trained as microbiologists (research and development), production managers, and quality and safety control managers in biotechnology enterprises which specialize in:
  • Health-Biomedicine
  • Cosmetology –Pharmaceuticals
  • Environment
  • Agro alimentary 

Applied Microbiology M2 Courses


  • M1 Biology
  • M1 Biochemistry

General Infos

  • Diploma Level: BAC+5
  • Studies Duration: 1 Year, 2 semesters
  • Type: Professional
  • Teaching Language: French
  • Total Credits Number: 60
  • Location: Pierre Gemayel University campus - Fanar
  • Supervisor: Ziad Tanios Abi Khattar
  • Email: ziad.abikhattar(at)gmail.com

Selected Projects

  • Evaluation de la qualité microbiologique et biochimique d’un fromage libanais « Akkawi » et du lait servant à sa production (2010-2011)
  • Application de la norme Iso 2200 sur la ligne de production de l'eau de rose (2010-2011)
  • Etude de l'impact de certains dérivés du PET sur la croissance de Pseudomonas aeruginosa dans l'eau embouteillée (2011-2012)
  • Analyse de la sécurité alimentaire dans une usine de produits laitiers : HACCP , Recherche et maitrise des contaminants microbiologiques (2011-2012)
  • Protocole de sécurité alimentaire de l’eau de rose et de fleurs d’oranger (2011-2012)
  • Etude de la survie de Pseudomonas aeruginosa en présence de certains dérivés du PET dans l’eau embouteillée (2012-2013)
  • Suivi des résidus de pesticides dans les feuilles de vignes fraiches et conservées (2012-2013)
  • Listeria monocytogenes dans les usines de transformation de poisson, détection, source de contamination et antibiorésistance (2013-2014)

Selected Courses