Research Master in Industrial Analysis


This Master degree has a character searches and must continue with a formation PhD. It is structured on a formation of high level Analytical chemistry in keeping with the possibilities of innovations in the field of the industrial analysis. The objective of this formation is to train qualified students in analytical sciences in a multi-field general context. Those are intended to be integrated easily in research laboratories analytical, public or private. The multidisciplinary of the formation opens a vast sector which gathers all the disciplines which are conscious of what analytical sciences can bring to progress knowledge in these disciplines: chemistry, processes, biology, pharmacy, beauty care, bromatology, environment, ecology, geosciences, and archaeology. Inside these disciplines a particular mention can be made for the field of expert testimony: formulation, industrial property, repression of the frauds, scientific police.

Acquired Skills


  • Know the whole chain analytical: the taking of the sample to the edition of the result. 
  • Know the influence of different operating parameters associated with the methods physico- chemical analysis.
  • Know the scope and the limitations associated with each technique.
  • Know the tools of management of the quality of the result.
  • Look for and define, according to every particular problem, the method of adapted analysis; determine the procedures and the conditions of taking, of preparation and of  analysis of samples.
  • Follow the execution of analyses then the interpretation of the results.
  • Look for and develop new protocols to obtain results more fast, more precise  and less expensive.
  • Validate a method of analysis.
  • Know manager a team.
  • Manage the schedules of the staff according to the workload.
  • Manage capital budgets and of functioning of the laboratory.
  • Inform and remain informed permanently about works of studies and about research  concerning its activity sector.
  • Know the scientific and technological communities of the domain.


Admission Conditions

Recruitment: Applications are reviewed by an admission committee. The best candidates are selected after interview

Required Level: M1 Chemistry

Capacity: 10 to 12 students

Further Studies / Career Opportunities

The outlets, besides teaching and of the university research, can be of nature:

  • Person in charge of analysis laboratory: Research and development
  • Quality control
  • Control Production
  • Control online - Customs and Frauds
  • Expertise CNRS - Training in company

Selected Teachers in Industrial Analysis

Madona Tanios Boulos

Associate professor
Chemistry - Biochemistry department

Antoine Georges El Samrani

Full professor
Life & Earth Sciences department

Industrial Analysis M2 Courses


  • M1 Biochemistry
  • M1 Analytical Chemistry

General Infos

  • Diploma Level: BAC+5
  • Studies Duration: 1 year
  • Type: Research
  • Teaching Language: French
  • Total Credits Number: 60
  • Location: Pierre Gemayel University campus - Fanar
  • Supervisor: Jacqueline Richard Maalouly
  • Email: j_maalouly(at)hotmail.com

Selected Projects

  • Etude de la migration des aldéhydes depuis l’emballage en PET et jusqu’aux boissons non alcoolisées. (2013-2014)
  • Analyse de traces de phtalates dans les emballages alimentaires mis sur le marché libanais (2013-2014)
  • Analyse de l'acide téréphtalique dans les eaux embouteillées dans du PET (2013-2014)
  • Physico-chemical, characterization, determination of antioxidant activity and quantification of chemical components of Lebanese olive oil. (2014-2015)
  • Study of the migration of aldehydes by interactions PET - fruit juice. (2014-2015)
  • Preliminary study of interactions: silicone molds - food, during cooking (2014-2015)
  • Optimization of the extraction methods of cellulose fibers from olive stones for biobased packaging (2014-2015)
  • Validation of a GC/FID method for the determination of phtalates from recycled paper/cardboard used in food packaging. (2014-2015)

Selected Courses