Third meeting Geosciences Technology Platform PLATOS Beirut –July 26, 2016

27 Jul 2016

The Geosciences at the faculty of Science in the Lebanese University is based on a strategic development plan running from 2013 till 2020. Two stages have been already realized to accompany bachelor and Master Degrees in Geosciences. An international consortium (that is stage I)and a technology platform (stage II) support the curricula in both theoretical and training courses. In 2016, the field course in semester 6 was performed in Cyprus with the scientific coordination of Cyprus Geological Survey Department. 34 students were mobilized,during July 2016, to Cyprus for two weeks with professors from Lebanese University, National Council for Scientific Research in Lebanon L-NCSR, EcoleNationaleSuperieure de GeologieENSG-France and the Geological Survey in Cyprus. A number of partners supported the field course: L-NCSR, BMO-AUF, Total Cyprus, IF-Cyprus, IRD and Cyprus University.

The meeting is organized

  • To resume the outputs of the field Summer school performed in Cyprus
  • To build on this field experience to have an appropriate continuity in the Regional Master Degree in Geosciences organized by the Faculty of Science and that will be launched in September 2016 and financially supported by the AUF.
  • To organize specific actions for the implementation of the International Mixt Laboratory LMI with our partners to support the phase 3 for research development in geosciences at the Faculty of Science – LU
The scienfic partners of the consortium: M. MouinHamze – NCRS-L, M. Herve Sabourin – BOM – AUF and MrsZomeniaZomeni – CGSD have renewed their support for both educational and research development in geosciences at the faculty of science. The Dean Hassan Zeineddineexpressed the purpose, to sustain the durability of the Geoscience program, of creating the “Al Bayrouni” International Mixt Laboratory LMI, considered as a “research structuring action” in geosciences. This international laboratory, together with the regional master degree in Geosciences, will ensure the integration of our faculty in both educational and research projects at the regional and international scale.