The Importance of Engagement: Managing Engagement

27 Apr 2016

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There is a considerable body of evidence to support the assertion that institutions which place all level of employees at the core of their strategies produce higher long-term returns than their peers. The concept of engagement is a relatively new term and builds further on work that has been done by Myers and Allen (authors of ‘Commitment in the Workplace’). Employee engagement has been variously defined as “the extent to which employees commit to something or someone in their organization, how hard they work, and how long they stay as a result of that commitment” (Corporate Leadership Council), and “an employee’s attitudinal attachment to his or her job and company, intention to act in the company’s best interest and willingness to invest discretionary effort in achieving business goals.” (R. Jesuthan).

Managing Engagement is an innovative process that links your personnel attitudes together with their training and development programmes so that you can actively increase Professors, students and staff engagement within your institution. This in return will increase efficiency and productivity of the university.

Dr Elie Wakil

Dr. Elie Wakil is an experienced trainer/facilitator and coach. He graduated from the French School of Pharmacy in Beirut and joined the Swiss pharmaceutical company, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. in 1982. He soon became Training Manager and Human Resource Consultant for the Roche Pharma International division and his training activities covered many countries around the world where Pharma International held offices. (Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, Near and Middle east and part of Asia).

Throughout his long career with Roche up till the end of 2004, Dr. Wakil attended and still attends various seminars in prestigious management schools such as Ashridge in U.K. and INSEAD in France as well as programmes on psychometrics (16PF-Institute of Personality and Ability Testing) and the 360° feedback process. He has ever since developed many executive workshops for managerial positions mainly in the fields of Communication and Leadership.

A qualified therapist for managing stress and a certified consultant for the 360˚ feedback process he gives particular emphasis on “Human Relations” and his lectures are targeted to active business people with pressured jobs and busy life style. He is also a certified practitioner in behavioural style analysis related to the International Ensize Dynamic Centre, an approved expert in Interpersonal Communication by the ETF (European Training Foundation, an EU agency based in Torino) and an approved Trainer-facilitator by The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce.

In collaboration with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, he has co-developed and conducted HRDA (Human Resources Development Authority) approved programmes of vital importance on Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Customer Engagement and Employment Branding. He has also developed and conducted special programs on Leadership and Emotions targeted to Senior Managers in Cyprus.