Why a club?

The Astronomy Club is a new club at the Faculty of Sciences of the Lebanese University.

Obviously, a number of curious "isolated" people will never cross the stage of buying an instrument or never deepens preliminary identification of the night sky and its constellations for lack of information, advice or simply lack of friends passionate to share these moments...

This is why, during the 2014-2015 academic year, the idea of a club germinated in our head and it is only by the hard work of some of our students that this will lead to the official launching scheduled in January 2015.

The purpose of the club is to introduce astronomy (observation and theory) to the members, using instruments, books, maps, videos, software and the experience of some members of the club, and this, in a friendly atmosphere!

Why join us?

Being a member in an astronomy club has many benefits.

First, it brings together a lot of people with similar interests into amateur astronomy.
It allows to the new members to have a little experience with the telescope before purchasing one.
Observing in groups on well-chosen sites is generally safer than observing alone and it is more safer.
Observing sessions allows you to be helped more easily.

To join us,

complete the subscription form


Astronomy Club doesn't own observation equipment.
We are currently seeking the necessary funding.
Meanwhile, oir members share with us their personal material.


Astronomy Club doesn't yet have a worthy observatory.
One of our projects is to build one, but there will be much to do:
* Buy an altitude protected and cleared land
* Acquire construction equipment
* Acquire or build a sufficiently powerful telescope
* Find the necessary funding ...


The observations of the club shall be held on 3 possible sites, listed here in ascending order of interest:
* Fakra
* Faraya
* Bcharre

Our projects

Our club has many projects:
1* Dobsonian mount Construction
2* Equatorial Boards Manufacture
3* Acquisition of equipment for the club
4* Construction of an observatory
5* Astrophotography Training
6* Public Observations
7* Events and exhibitions

You are welcome to help us achieve them!